Statement: Established by the School of Fine and Performing Arts in 2018, this series encourages cross campus collaborations and sharing of knowledge leading to collective impact.  ​​​​​​​
Collective Impact strives to bring students, alumni, faculty, staff and Chicago community members together with nationally renowned artists and community leaders to discuss the challenges and logistics of community engagement and social justice in art making. 
A key question for the series is: How can we come together to create and sustain a collective impact through the arts and media?
2020/21 Goals
1) Strike a balance between the original outward facing mission of the Collective Impact Series and the desire for generating stronger ties to curriculum to support the scholarship of our internal audience of students, faculty and staff.
2) Ensure the series remains relevant to current social context, increasing the inclusion of a wider campus audience, and external community voice. 
3) Support creative links across campus
Guiding Principles: Collective Impact is based on a management framework developed by John Kania and Mark Kramer in an article published by Stanford Social Innovation Review in 2011. 
The framework provides a series of shared principles that together create the right conditions for organizations to collaborate and work across sectors to solve complex problems.
It starts with a common agenda.
That means coming together to collectively define the problem and create a shared vision to solve it.
It establishes shared measurement.
That means agreeing to track progress in the same way, which allows for continuous improvement.
It fosters mutually reinforcing activities.
That means coordinating collective efforts to maximize the end result.
It encourages continuous communication.
That means building trust and relationships among all participants.
And it has a strong backbone
That means having a team dedicated to orchestrating the work of the group.
Source: collective impact forum
For more information on the collective impact framework visit:​​​​​​​
Collective Impact Journey Tool by Tamarack Institute
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