Please join us in a conversation with Columbia alumni Dr Vickie Casanova-Willis, PhD​​​​​​​.
Dr Vickie Casanova-Willis, MBA, MAT, and PhD in Global and Comparative Education, is a non profit administrator and educator, splitting her time between direct service and writing to advance the growing human rights movement in the US. She is a teaching artist and cultural worker with decades of activism, working with children and families in the Black and Latino communities on Chicago’s South and West Sides. She is affiliated with US Human Rights Network. Her focus is on building capacity for historically marginalized individuals and communities to participate in the decisions that impact their lives and futures.​​​​​​​
Dr. Casanova-Willis is a founding member of Black People Against Police Torture, the grassroots organization that helped lead a broad based coalition to internationalize Chicago’s police torture issue, while creating the Torture Inquiry Relief Commission - a state legislative remedy for Torture victims. She has performed, published articles, and presented papers at national and international conferences, speaking on race and ethnicity from an arts, education, and media perspective.​​​​​​​
A question from the event: You mentioned how the issues we hear about in the public discourse are intersectional. Do you find it overwhelming to choose which topic you want to tackle, and how do you address the “sub-issues” within one topic?
Links to resources mentioned in tonight’s talk by Dr Vickie Casanova-Willis are below:
Article: Black People Against Police Torture: The Importance of Building a People-Centered Human Rights Movement - 2016
Vickie Casanova and Willis Standish E. Willis
21 Pub. Interest L. Rptr. 235 (2016).  Available at:​​​​​​​

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